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If you are looking for cheap home insurance in the UK we can help. We have partnered with Quotezone whose comparison engine compares over 40 companies that specialise in all types of buildings and contents insurance including tenants insurance and landlords insurance. You then choose a home insurance product that is right for your needs. There is a wide range of cover and pricing options whatever your property type.

  • Search over 40 UK insurance providers.
  • Over 3 million comparison quotes at Quotezone so far!
  • Monthly and annual payment options available.
  • Just one simple form to complete to compare prices and start saving.

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  • In just 3 steps you will get dozens of quotes, simply tell us about your home, , yourself, and what type of cover you want.
  • Find cheap quotes for a range of different property types includiung tenant and landlord insurance.
  • Information on what's included in the policy is clearly shown including optional voluntary and compulsory excess etc.
  • Some quotes will offer you the option of monthly payments, (some will require a deposits and others will not need a deposit).
  • Options to buy your policy online or to buy your policy over the phone.
  • All quotes are saved in your own Personal Quote Centre where you can review them at any time.
  • Your details are saved so you can get new home insurance quotes simply and instantly.



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