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The buy to let market has boomed in recent years and with good reason. Many people are finding the traditional avenues of investing for the future are no longer either reliable or adequate on their own. The original buy to let mortgage market was open to only eight lenders but now the products available are plentiful and offered by both the high street banks and building societies as well as specialist lenders.

Applying for a buy to let mortgage is a simple and easy process that could be the begining of a wise investment for the future. Buy to Let mortgages differ from that of a standard mortgage because lenders look at the rental yield that your potential property will return as opposed to your income on a standard mortgage, although some lenders in this market look at both figures.

By completing our free mortgage quote form your details will be sent to a mortgage consultant that specialises in buy to let mortgages for property investment. By completing the mortgage quote form you are under no obligation whatsoever. You will be notified before you submit your enquiry as to who will be contacting you.

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Generally the maximum mortgage offered for a buy to let is 85% loan to value but there are a small number of lenders that can now offer up to 90% loan to value. Each lender has slightly different criteria in its calculations for the maximum amount that it would offer but generally the mortgage lender will look for the monthly rental income to cover the mortgage by 100% - 130% at payrate.