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Credit report for life - Financial news from Quotesure - 16/06/2011

Credit reference agency breaks the mold
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Credit report for life

Currently, if customers would like to check their credit, they need to apply to apply to one of the credit rating companies. The customer would normally pay a monthly subscription charge if they want to keep tabs on their file. Under a new deal with Call Credit, customers would be able to access their credit file on a regular basis. The credit reports would be offered free of charge for life.

The website would offer its customers information about credit products that would best suit their current financial situation with the idea that unnecessary applications for unsuitable products would be avoided. Each time a person applies for a credit card, loan or mortgage, the application is lodged on that persons file and if refused can cause a problem. Repeat refusals are logged as a rejection footprint and can themselves cause problems for the customer.

The website would offer its clients information on financial products and services which are more tailored to meet the demands and needs in real time and will earn commission for any successful application.

The company is offering 10,000 customers the use of its free trial and will roll out the offer within the next few months.

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